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In the past two years, several dramatic events, combined with some self-imposed limitations in materials have helped to shape my art in a new and unusual direction. After years of creating functional, high-fired pieces, I have undertaken an entire shift of focus.

The thrown pieces I make are formed by hand on the potter's wheel and hand painted a minimum of three times, using a variety of tools and techniques to achieve a depth of surface and texture unavailable by traditional glazing methods. This makes each piece unique and easily tailored to suit any decor.

Each of the three "After Dominica" series panels shown above is a separate artwork

The wall pieces are first carved in high relief into a block of clay, then hand sculpted additions are added to make each piece unique and enliven the surface. A tailor-made clay frame is then modeled to fit each one.

After firing, each framed sculpture is carefully and laboriously hand painted to bring out its own unique features. Finally, the back of each is papered, strung for hanging, and signed by the artist

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