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Artisans and Craftspeople of Floyd County, Virginia

Handmade crafts from Floyd County: these artisans strive for a high level of quality and many can provide custom designs sold directly to you at competitive prices.
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Things to See and Do: The Floyd Community Event Calendar

Floyd Artisan Listing

16 Hands Pottery and Woodworking
Donna Polseno and Richard Hensley

Advanced Business Computer Service

261 Deerfield Ln.
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-7448
Business computer consulting, web page construction

Alex Funk DESIGN
Alex Funk
P O Box 5361
Gainesville, FL 32627
Vox: [FLA] 214-0-412
Web site design, grafix, database management

Amarita Herbal Products
Katherine Moonflower
144 Zephyr Circle
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-3474
Herbals, flower essences

Appalachian Rythm Co
Larry Smith and Ellen D Wright
115 Howard St
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-2375
Fine custom cabinetry, drums, marimbas

B-Rad Percussion
Brad Miller
Rt 2 Box 544
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 789-7369
Foot-operated variable-pitch wooden drums

Bale Out Press
Amy Adams
P O Box 417
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-3074
A lunar calendar for women

Blue Heron Pottery
Jayn Avery
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-3316
Ceramic sculpture and lace textured stoneware

Butterfield Pottery
Davin S Butterfield
Box 784
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-4009
Handcrafted Ceramic Holiday Ornaments

C-Lab Mountain Audio
Doug and Marlene Coulter
RT HC 67 Box 239
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 763-3753
MusiCAD: Multi-track CD mastering recording studio in a PC

Cedar Wind Flutes
Chris Deerheart
P O Box 892
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-7051
Flutes, Native American ritual

Earth, Water, Fire
Mary L Akers
Sculpted and Painted High-Relief Wall Carvings and Handthrown, painted Earthenware

Floyd Artists Association
Alita McManis King
203 S Locust St / PO BOX 729
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: (540) 745-7367 (PENS)
Supports and promotes artists of Floyd County and contribute to the creative arts culture of Floyd by providing a downtown, professional setting that fosters creativity, quality art and interaction between artists, patrons and the public.

Glances Through Glass
Tobey Gralla
339 Quiet Dr NE
Check, VA 24072
Vox: 1 540 651-3971
Pyrex glass bowls and beads

Grace Note
BoB Grubel and Tom Williams
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-3978
Wellness and healing, yogurt

Granatelli Porcelain
Silvie Granatelli
407 Slusher Store Rd NE
Floyd, VA 24091
pottery just west of new river on 705

Harmony Hill
Pat Fenn
RR3 Box 45B
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-5367
Woodwind Instruments, Garden Furniture made from indigenous & exotic Hardwoods

Lizard & Willow
Steve Pickford
2239 Lick Ridge Road
Check, VA 24072
Vox: [540] 651-4533
Original clay totem necklaces, fetishes

Bjorn and Jill Brandstedt
290 Turnip Patch Road (SR 780)
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120
Vox: [540] 593-2001 - Fax: [540] 593-2007
Rustic Log Cabins, Electromechanical Yachting Displays

Meads Davenport, Illustrator
F Meads Davenport
RR1 Box 256
Pilot, VA 24138
Vox: [540] 651-6624
Neo-impressionist paintings and illustrations

Reflections Videography
Monika Van Rest
Willis, VA 24380
Vox: [540] 789-7595

Rhythm Makers
1489 Fariview Church Road
Floyd, VA 24091

Sacred Voices
Esyule Deerheart
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 789-7010
Native American jewelry

SHAMVARA, reminders of the sacred
Elisha Sigle
833 Roberson Mill Rd SE
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-3544
Meditation pillows

Sign Studio
Gayle Rolfe
4032 Floyd Hwy S
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 789-4200
Magnetic, vinyl and sandblastedsigns

Silver and Gold Productions
Colleen Redman
151 Ridge Haven Road
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-2254
poet, author, in-house publishing

Starroot's Galaxy
Starroot Neumann
Painting, new age music

The Enchanted Tree
2386 Shady Grove
Indian Valley, VA 24105
Vox: 540 789-8227
Fabric and hemp products, paper, herbal personal hygene products

Tom Phelps Studio
Carol and Tom Phelps
636 Stagecoach Run SE
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-3145
Face mugs, earthenware, hand thrown ceramics

Tongue In Groove
Jay Fattorosi
Alum Ridge, VA 24591
Vox: [540] 763-2589
"Dreamstate" New Age music on CD

William F Cox - Copperplate Etchings
William F Cox
4818 Gold Rush Rd
Pilot, VA 24138
Vox: [540] 382-3254
Archival quality original copperplate etchings

Windhorse Trading Co
Lanny Bean and Stella Trudel
Rt 3-77A
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-3096
Wrapped crystal jewelry, beadwork, handloomed fabric

Woodland Wonders
Penny Lane
Box 835
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-5550
Items made from forest mushrooms

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7 Springs Farm
Ron Juftes and Polly Hieser
426 Jerry Lane NE
Check, VA 24072
Vox: [800] 540-9181
Organic farming and gardening supplies in Floyd, Virginia

Alchemist Paints & Varnishes
Donald C Fels Jr
P.O. Box 272
Hillsville, VA 24343
Vox: [540] 728-5326
Fine Amber varnishes for Artisans

Artisans Of Floyd County

an online arts information source

CERC Museletter
Colleen Redman
P O Box 81
Floyd, VA 24091
Loads slowly - LARGE images!

Crafty Links
World Wide On-Line Arts and Crafts Mall

Floyd County In View
Floyd, VA 24091

Hand Craft Alliance
Brian O'Connor
P O Box 123
Waynesboro, VA 22980
- Fax: 1 540 949-7687
Blue Ridge Craft Corridor

New River Arts Council
Flourette Moore and Ed Schwartz
519 E. Main St
Floyd, VA 24091

Presidio Arts Gallery
Charley Coleman
532 Epperly Mill Rd
Floyd, VA 24091
...not your Run of the Mill Gallery

Seeds Of Light
Juniper Healey and Trish Diana
32 Market Sq SE
Roanoke, VA 24011
Vox: [540] 382-4240
Beads and bead findings

The Jacksonville Center
Jacksonville Center Information and A Lee Chichester
P O Box 932
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 593-2011
Floyd County, Virginia, Community Arts Center

The Trident Group Virginia Real
News and links about Virginia organized by county

Virginia Birthing Rights Forum
Stephen L and Susan M Cochran
Rt 1 Box 689 / P O Box 626
Floyd, VA 24091
Vox: [540] 745-6780 - Fax: [540] 745-5622
Home birth/midwifery advocacy

Virginia Mountain Crafts Guild
Elva Davis

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